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    2004 Stagedesign
"In shade of aspen"
A solo-dance created and performed by Carmen Olsson at Bla Ladan, Dansens hus centre for contemporary dance in Stockholm, Sweden.

The background was made up of a wooden framework stretched with cotton fabric. A 'light-organ', 2.7 metres in height and 0.8m in diameter was placed behind the screen, projecting a ray of light that moved gradually from zero degrees to 120o over a period of 55 minutes.

An image of a water-colour by Arne Isacsson was projected to the left of the background scene.
teckning med colorpencil   teckning

The costume was inspired by the Japanese "hakama" and designed in sheer pale yellow cotton cloth, made up of two pieces - front and back. Around the waist there is a wide ribbon.
It is called "Camellias dream"


2007 Stagedesign
Bohuslän theatre, Uddevalla

"Glove of the twilight "
A solo-dance by Carmen Olsson.
The background was made of japanise paper.
mobil 6mx12m.


Photo: Jerry Williams

  Costume designad in sheer beige silk. Short arm blus with white lace band and short trousers.
Influense of matador costume.
  2010 Stagedesign 

Pustervik, Göteborg,
solodance by Carmen Olsson.

A black cloth covers the entire stage.
The light changes the colour of the cloth to orange or blue.
The cloth wrinkles during the dance – finally a drawing of creases appears.


 Photo: Björn Nilsson   


A sheer white cotton blus
with w
ede collar
and long trousers.

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